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the first ever

virtual anti-diet turkey trot

Join a community of runners who are rejecting dieting and instead celebrating all that their current body CAN do this Thanksgiving.

  • Live Race hosted via OpenRace at 9am est, November 26

    If you love the thrill of competition, you can compete LIVE with participants all over the globe at 9am est on Thanksgiving Day (November 26). The app will be available for download on 11/1/20. Stay tuned for deets.

  • Flexible Start Time/Date ALSO AVAILABLE

    If you'd rather be asleep at 9am est on Thanksgiving... or the idea of competing against others makes you nervous, then feel free to register for the flexible start date/time.

  • Tag yourself on Instagram for a chance to win a prize

    Tag @serenamarierd and use the hashtag #antidietturkeytrot while training and on race day!

  • Everyone is welcome to join. 

    This event is FREE and meant to spread the power of the anti-diet movement. We are an ALL INCLUSIVE community that believes all bodies are worthy of gratitude and respect.

Event Details

A Free 5k Training Plan for Beginners

Just in case you doubt your body's abilities for one second... I gotchu!

Free Food Freedom Trainings

Straight to your inbox every week... join Coach Serena Marie RD, RRCA for a lesson on why we are running AWAY from diet culture this holiday season. 

A Supportive Community

Thanksgiving is a time for for friends and family - why not make some new friends?

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